Week 4

This week I continued working in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences in Dr. Paul Tseng’s lab.  I am currently performing plate assays on annual bluegrass (Poa annua) seedlings to determine the effects of different rates of herbicide (foramsulfuron).  I am using four different biotypes of annual bluegrass collected from golf courses in Alabama and Mississippi.  On Monday, I sterilized seeds of each of the four biotypes and transferred them to a plate with Murashige and Skoog medium to germinate.  Next Wednesday, I will be transferring the seedlings to new plates of MS media before innoculating with herbicide.

On Monday and Wednesday afternoon I continued learning about genome structure in molecular biology.  On Tuesday and Thursday, we finished the information for test 1 in biochemistry, which covered the function of globular proteins such as myoglobin, hemoglobin, antibodies, and the mechanism of muscles.  Later in bacterial physiology, we reviewed questions that were commonly missed on the test last Thursday, and had a quiz this Thursday.

In bacterial genetics lab on Friday morning, the instructor lectured on primer design in detail for our test next week.  We then prepared a polymerase chain reaction mix with various primers and our two DNA samples isolated from the amoebas.