Week 6

In molecular biology on Monday and Wednesday, Dr. Peng discussed DNA replication.  We reviewed the full process of replication as well as how it is regulated.  In bacterial physiology on Tuesday and Thursday, we covered membrane bioenergetics, starting with a section on transport mechanisms (diffusion, solute transport, and group translocations).  A section on protein transport followed, which covered the Tat and Sec secretion systems in E. coli. The final sections were bacterial respiration, proton potential, and the electron transport chain.

Biochemistry class on Tuesday was an introduction to enzymes.  One thing that I did not remember well was the catalytic mechanisms of enzymes, which include acid-base, covalent, metal ion, and electrostatic catalysis mechanisms.  Another topic I have previously struggled with is enzyme kinetics, so I will make sure to study that in detail before the next test.  On Thursday Dr. Popescu discussed nucleotides and nucleic acids.  None of the information in that lecture was particularly new or challenging since we have already discussed nucleic acids in molecular biology and bacterial physiology.

On Friday I was traveling to a wedding in Colorado, so I was unable to go to bacterial genetics lab or communications.  My lab partner conducted PCR product cloning on two of our PCR products from last week (the two that showed strongest bands on the gel electrophoresis).  She started with ligation of the PCR product, then transformed the plasmid into E. coli.


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