Week 1

Week 1 of classes was the fairly standard distribution of syllabi, answering of questions, and introduction to material for the next semester.  I attended biochemistry I and bacterial physiology on Tuesday and Thursday and molecular biology on Wednesday, though most of what was covered was basic content I had previously learned in other classes.

On Friday morning in my bacterial genetics lab, we learned we were going to be identifying organisms isolated from local pond water using molecular biology techniques.  We will start by extracting DNA from the microbe, then use PCR and gel electrophoresis to amplify and visualize the product before it is ligated into a plasmid and taken up by E. coli through transformation.  We will then perform a restriction fragment length polymorphism assay, Sanger sequencing, and computer analysis of the Sanger sequencing data.  I am looking forward to the second half of this lab especially, as I already have experience with the techniques reviewed in the first half.


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